Prof. W. J. McGlothlin, who occupies the chair of Church History in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, at Louisville , Ky. , and this author had a discussion involving the attitude of Baptists toward the question of alien immersion, especially their past history upon the question.  The discussion was published in the columns of the Baptist and Reflector, of Nashville , Tenn.   Knowing that no work had ever been published, devoted exclusively to the history of this question.  I suggested that we put the discussion in permanent form.  This, however, Bro.McGlothlin declined to do, stating, among other things, that it would be fragmentary and unsatisfactory as a history.  He, however, at the same time stated that a consecutive, impartial history of the question was at this time desirable, and suggested that I undertake the work.  Brother McGlothlin and myself are not agreed on all points.  We are agreed that the facts, without bias, should be disclosed.  It shall be the purpose of these pages to record, without partiality, facts as they exist.

These pages will be devoted exclusively to history, and theory and exegesis will be employed only as they will throw light upon the history of the question.

With the hope that we shall be able to contribute, at least, something in the study of this vexed question, these pages are sent forth on their mission.

J. H. Grime                                           Ridgely, Tenn. , May 14, 1909 .


We have just read in manuscript, “History of Alien Immersion and Valid Baptism,” by Elder J. H. Grime, of Ridgely, Tenn.

As we finished the last page a hearty amen came fully endorsing the book.  It is just what it purports to be, “A History of Alien Immersion.”  It is largely a compilation of historical facts on the subject, a clear demonstration of the fact that Alien Immersion is a modern fad of liberalists, who are more anxious to be popular than they are to be right.  The book is well arranged, is clear, logical and most timely.

It should be read by all of our Baptist people, and the just acknowledgement made of the timely service rendered to the cause of truth.

Would it not be timely for every real Baptist Association to go on record by publishing their disapproval of this illogical, inconsistent, modern practice of the few lax, would-be leaders and thus put a stop to the inroads of error which lead unmistakably to disintegration and confusion?  Let Baptists be Baptists, contending earnestly for the faith.

J. G. Bow, Associate Editor Western Recorder.            Louisville , Ky. , May 25, 1909