The New Hampshire Articles of Faith

Commonly Referred to as:

The 18 Articles of Faith

This Confession was drawn up by the Rev. John Newton Brown, D. D., of New Hampshire (b. 1803, d. 1868), about 1833, and has been adopted by the New Hampshire Convention, and widely accepted by Baptists, especially in the Northern and Western States, as a clear and concise statement of their faith, in harmony with the doctrines of older confessions, but expressed in milder form. The text is taken from the Baptist Church Manual, published by the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia.

Introductory Comments

These articles of faith are normally adopted by our Churches in order to present to the world, in brief, a declaration of those things most assuredly believed among us. These are in no wise a substitute for the written Word of God. Rather, they are an expression of those things we believe the Word of God to teach. When such matters as fellowship between Churches are considered, the articles of faith do not substitute for the full contents of the Bible. Rather, as expressed in the first article, the Bible is considered our sole rule of faith and practice. So then, the articles of faith are profitable for a brief explanation of those things held common among our Churches; however, they are not a full explanation of those things.

The articles of faith leave out and explanation of such important doctrines as the nature of the Kingdom, what it takes to organize a scriptural Church, what is required for a scriptural ordination of a preacher and what a test of fellowship with a sister Church consists of, among other vital doctrines. So then, there are many other important subjects that need to be considered by a Church member in order to be firmly established in the faith. Yet these articles do serve as a declaration of several important doctrines we hold necessary to be sound in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This material has been prepared for study and consideration. May the Great Head of the Church of the True and Living God gloriously bless our endeavor to receive and share the precious doctrines found herein.

In Love of the Truth,

Elder Mike Brawner