The Author

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Brawner. I was raised on a small farm out in the country. We raised cows, horses, crops, as well as other things. I seem to remember the weeds best. (The weeds seemed to keep me the busiest.) I am the oldest of two children. My sister is 18 months younger than I. Out on the farm, I grew up enjoying many sports; basketball was my favorite. I played all through school.

The most outstanding occasion of my youth occurred when I was eight years old. I was raised in Church. We attended every Sunday. One night during a revival meeting at a small country Church, the preacher was speaking on the difference between being in darkness as compared to being in the light. He used many examples that night to point out how different the two were. As he spoke, I experienced a trouble and sorrow deep down within. I realized that I was in the darkness. Not the type of darkness that is experienced when no lights are on in a house. The type of darkness that I was in could be felt. I felt this darkness down in my heart and it troubled me.

While in this condition, on this same night I sought out the Light that the preacher spoke of. I desired to find this Light more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. At the moment of my earnest desire for that Light, there was a peace that filled my soul and replaced the trouble and sorrow. I have experienced sad conditions since that occasion, but I have never experienced the trouble I found that night. For that, I am most thankful to the Lord.