The Purpose of the Website

This web site is the result of study and prayer. It contains material that has been printed in the local newspapers, taught in Bible studies and preached from pulpits and local radio stations. The one who wrote this material realizes that he must stand before the Eternal Judge and give an answer for what he has written. Therefore, care has been exercised to present what is contained in the scriptures, carefully harmonizing its teachings so as to only put forth what the Eternal Author has already stated. In this way, the writer has made every effort to do no harm to any reader.

It is readily acknowledged that all who read or hear of this material won’t agree with all that is contained herein. Others may feel hurt emotionally by some of the things contained in this material. However, if the truth causes any sense of anguish, the trouble caused is only a good originated by He who is Love. This is the great design followed when gathering this material: to do well. All of this work; therefore, is laid before the feet of the One Who is the source of every good gift with a prayer of humility seeking to glorify Him in all things.

This material is presented in what is hoped to be a way that is easy to follow. The links on this site are intended to take the reader to a group of articles that are directly associated with the thoughts contained therein. If the articles don’t seem to follow this scheme, please excuse this mistake. There are booklets contained on this site too. The same person hasn’t written all of these booklets. For that reason, the booklets’ author is presented at the heading of the booklet.

All of this material is free to be reprinted. It is hoped that this material will be used to help all who studies it. If anyone does have a grievance with anything contained here, it is asked that they play the part of a friend. A friend would call any grievances to the author’s attention rather than holding any resentment. Therefore, the email address of the author is found on this front page. Please feel free to use that address to send any comments to the author. The address is checked daily.

Finally, may the grace of God work effectually in the hearts of all those who love the truth. A prayer accompanies all of this material that a benefit will be brought to those who read it with a judicial and open mind. Pray for the work of the author, that the glory of God will be sought in all of his efforts. If we never meet each other while on earth, be sure to form a personal relationship with the great God of heaven, so that a meeting may be had in eternity. God be with you and yours.

Called by the Most High,
Elder M Brawner

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